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ajuga braunherz purple


Ajuga are mostly spreading, rhizomatous perennials with attractive evergreen foliage

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  • Other common namesbugle ‘Braunherz’
  • SynonymsAjuga ‘Braun Herz’
  • FamilyLamiaceae
  • GenusAjuga are mostly spreading, rhizomatous perennials with attractive evergreen foliage, rarely annuals, with whorled two-lipped flowers forming short spikes
  • Details‘Braunherz’ is a mat-forming evergreen perennial with spoon-shaped or oval, glossy deep purple leaves and deep blue flowers borne in spikes to 20cm tall, in late spring and early summer
  • Ultimate height0.1-0.5 metres
  • Ultimate spread0.5-1 metres
  • Time to ultimate height2-5 years
  • How to grow

    CultivationThe ideal plant for growing under trees in moist conditions. A partly shaded position with some sun is needed to bring out the purple leaf colour. Although it will grow in shade, foliage will be greener

    PropagationPropagate by division. It is easy to remove rooted plantlets in spring or early autumn

    Suggested planting locations and garden typesLow Maintenance Underplanting of Roses and Shrubs Banks and Slopes Flower borders and beds Ground Cover City & Courtyard Gardens Cottage & Informal Garden

    How to care

    PruningNone required

    PestsUsually trouble free

    DiseasesPowdery mildew can be a problem

    in 10cm pots

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