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winter flowering cyclamen


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How to Grow and Care for Cyclamen in the Garden

Growing Cyclamen outside in the garden can be easy if their conditions are met. Species that are hardy to frost can survive some very cold winter temperatures and add colorful interest when there isn’t much going on in the garden. Mimicking the natural growing conditions of these species can increase success in growing Cyclamen outside in the garden.


Hardy cyclamen can survive brief and sometimes prolonged periods at temperatures below 0 degrees especially with snow cover. It is difficult to know how well they will grow in zones as low as 4 though growers have had success. It may depend on finding a favorable micro climate in colder winter areas. Weather buffers of trees, shrubs, buildings, amount of moisture, sun, etc. can make a difference in successfully growing cyclamen in severe cold. It is good to keep in mind that winter is their growing season when they need light and moisture. My opinion is some may survive three months of snow cover but they are not likely to thrive. As a general rule they will grow best in areas where average winter temperatures are above the freezing mark.

Species for the garden in order of hardiest are hederifolium, coum, purpuracens, cilicium, pseudibericum and repandum. C.hederifolium and coum being the easiest to grow


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