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12 iceberg lettuce Robinson plugs


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12 iceberg lettuce Robinson plugs

“Robinson” lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is a variety intended for cultivation from spring to autumn. It yields rich crops both in the open field and under covers. Resistance to powdery mildew and lettuce root aphids belongs to the advantages of this cultivar. This variety is very popular thanks to high resistance to less favourable cultivation conditions and durability after the harvest. It develops large, round heads densely filled with leaves. The leaf blades are pale green, slightly frizzled at the edges, juicy and crunchy. Delicious “Robinson” lettuce works great in salads of all kinds

  • Use: direct consumption – salads
  • Flowering period: July – mid-October
  • Growth form: large, round heads
  • Foliage: pale green, slightly frizzled leaves
  • 12 plugs in a tray
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