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Dianthus Pink Kisses Fragrant Pink


Dianthus Pink Kisses is a fantastic little plant

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  • Dianthus can be annuals, evergreen perennials or subshrubs with narrow, often greyish leaves and showy flowers that are frequently fragrant
  • Details[Pink Kisses] is a clump-forming, evergreen perennial, to 40cm high, with grey-green foliage. This cultivar produces fragrant, double flowers in summer on branching stems. Flowers are pink with a central darker pink-red marking on each petal
  • Ultimate height0.1-0.5 metres
  • Ultimate spread0.1-0.5 metres
  • Time to ultimate height2-5 years
  • Evergreen
  • HabitBushy
  • FragranceFlower
    • Full Sun
    • AspectEast-facing or South-facing or West-facing
    • ExposureExposed or Sheltered
    • 10cm pots
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